Set Up New Blog

Well, I’ve just spent a while sorting out a domain name and setting up this blog, and now I think it’s all ready.

I’m going to use it mainly to document progress on any projects I’m doing, just so that there is somewhere that I (and others) can see everything I’ve done leading up to something. To me a blog seems the ideal way to do this: the system is naturally structured into posts and I can create categories corresponding to individual projects, and can go back and edit/add to anything I want very easily. Additionally it means I can access it anywhere I want – something I’m sure will prove very useful.

It’s going to take a bit of time to get this working properly, as I’m going to have to go back and fill in stuff up to where I am at the moment, but I think it’s worth it. I also haven’t entirely decided upon the look of the blog, so I’ll be having a look through some different themes, but I think posting is the priority right now.

Anyway, hopefully this will turn into something useful for both me and anyone who wishes to see it!

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