Files for Arduino Quadcopter

Here are all the files for my Arduino quadcopter flight controller. Please remember to follow the licensing rules and credit me if you use the files publicly in any way. Thanks!

Code for Arduino Flight Controller:

Licensed under GNU General Public License version 3, meaning you can use it and modify it as you like, as long as you provide attribution back to me, use the same license, release your source code and state all your changes.

Full Program in ‘.h’ (C++ text) format

Full Program as PDF

The code should be imported into Arduino IDE, and the referenced libraries must be installed.

CAD Files

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, meaning you can use and modify it as you like for non-commercial purposes only, as long as you provide attribution back to me, use the same license, release your files and state all your changes.

Complete STEP file (right click and select ‘Save target as’)

Engineering Drawing as PDF

The CAD file includes models of the battery and electronic boards inside. These can be hidden.

STL Files for 3D Printing:

Licensing same as for CAD files.

(Right click and select ‘Save target as’)

Arm STL file

Body STL file

Component Frame STL file

Battery Holder STL file

In the future I may create a Thingiverse page for these but for now the files are here.

A list of all the components needed is in the header section of the code.

I don’t guarantee this’ll fly, and the PID constants will need tuning, something which requires a lot of research and care. However, it should at least take off, and the addition of a GPS module may go a long way to improve the stability.

You can always just use an ArduCopter or similar controller in place of the Arduino, which will pretty much guarantee good flight.

Good luck!

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