Arms Finished Printing and Change of Colour Scheme

I’ve been using CAD models and renders in white plastic the whole time, but a while back you may have noticed that I switched to using grey plastic when it actually came to the 3D printing. The main reason for this is that I’d been having some trouble with the surface finish of the white PLA, and as I knew that grey worked I stuck with it for then.

I’d been planning to stay with grey for the rest of the quad, giving it a nice smart, industrial finish, however I hadn’t anticipated how much filament I would have to use and after printing the second arm it was evident that I wouldn’t have enough to print any more.

The other filaments that I have available right now – and I’m not in a position to buy more – are white and orange. I’m definitely not going to print everything again, and so it seems that I’m going to have to use a two-colour scheme for it. Now white and grey just wouldn’t look very good together, especially since it isn’t the right kind of grey, and so I’m going to go with orange for the rest.

This, funnily enough, compliments the colours of the motors:

The motors I'm using
The motors I’m using

Anyway, I’ve printed all four arms (two grey, two orange) and attached them to the main body. It was a nightmare attaching them – even with the improvements I made earlier, the screws still have to be screwed in from impossible-to-reach positions, meaning that it took about 40-50 minutes for each arm, including cleaning up the print, attaching the motors, and attaching it to the body.

It’s all done now though:

Orange is front and grey is back - a handy indicator that will help when flying.
Orange is front and grey is back – a handy indicator that will help when flying.

Looks very similar to the render I made using the new colour scheme (as you can tell I love renders):


Right now that’s out of the way, the next thing is to design and print the battery holder and lid, and print the component frame to go inside, then mount all the electronics and finish the program.

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