Files for Arduino Quadcopter

Here are all the files for my Arduino quadcopter flight controller. Please remember to follow the licensing rules and credit me if you use the files publicly in any way. Thanks!

Code for Arduino Flight Controller:

Licensed under GNU General Public License version 3, meaning you can use it and modify it as you like, as long as you provide attribution back to me, use the same license, release your source code and state all your changes.

Full Program in ‘.h’ (C++ text) format

Full Program as PDF

The code should be imported into Arduino IDE, and the referenced libraries must be installed.

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Project finished and updates

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted here; as the deadline for finishing this project for the Arkwright Scholarship approached, I stopped logging my progress because it was taking too long and I had to prioritise finishing the project.

I finished both the drone itself and the code, and though I never actually got it to fly well (before dismantling it) I could see it was just a matter of PID tuning to get it to work well. Another thing I would definitely add in the future is GPS tracking; I got the feeling that a lot of the drift I was experiencing was just the wind and not the angle of the quad itself.

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